Sunday, April 28, 2002

SMASH SMASH... BASH BASH... SMASH BASH!!!!            Of course I'm talking about Diablo 2.       The failure of the Elemental druid has led me and kevin to make 2 paladins, and they're alot of fun - we're tha smash bros.!!!       Other than that I learned from a girl that girls purposely try to be misleading and confusing when guys are around because they think it'll make us guys understand them more.     Case in point, right there, so I feel good about taking Psychology of women next semester.

The real reason I did it? See for yourself ( First and foremost I'm a 69, then I'm a Cartwheel, n00t thinks it's fitting.       What do you all think, take it then come to the forum. ( Shameless self promotion =D )     Another lil something something I'd like to promote is my "I aint gettin paid so I need $$ for college fund" and my "Xander needs an import car" fund.       You're thinking that I would be happy with any newer car than I have now, but I'd like to point out that...
                    Import Cars = Import Women                  
                    Import Women = Happy Xander                  
                    Happy Xander = Free Ice Cream                  
                    Boot to Da Head Flavor                    
                    Gain the wisdom of generations of Koreans in just 6 minutes !!!! ^ ^;;                  

It's been a good day to you all I bid the same =)           Night folks